NextabSenior offers the innovation of providing your residents with tech devices and free monthly service that will keep them connected –to senior home schedules and programs, to their families, and to everything that makes their days easier and so much brighter.

Committed To Seniors

You want the very best for your residents. Perhaps you’ve seen them fumbling with their phones, their med schedules and daily activities. Scrolling through a screen of miniscule print that can suddenly black out or jump to another app without warning can be exasperating for anyone, but all the more so for the elderly.

That’s why our software is designed completely with seniors in mind, Chock-full of senior-friendly features, allows for nothing but NextabSenior to run its pre-loaded apps.

How Nextab Empowers Seniors

Some of our software’s senior-friendly features: (…and growing)

Text on the screen is very large to allow for clear and easy reading.

Apps are super-simple to navigate and easily accessible even for the I-don’t-do-tech user.

Personalized reminders can be set by the user, administration, caregiver or family members.

An advanced medication app allows caregivers or family members to load a med schedule that will help remind patients when to take which meds.

Seniors can add an unlimited amount of contacts to their devices so their loved ones can face-call them anytime.

Family members can message photos that are automatically uploaded to the device’s photo album.

When not in use, the screen will automatically turn into a photo frame displaying all photos sent by family members and staff.

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Our Mission

Our passion? Seniors. Because they gave us their all, and now it’s our turn to give back. Maybe we’ll never be able to give back all they’ve given, but we can attempt a start.

NextabSenior is spearheaded by people who care. Our software is the work of developers who are also kids and grandkids dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for seniors like those they know and love.

We are proud to be a U.S.-based company, giving back to those who built their lives to make our wonderful country what it is today.

Sunset is beautiful. And so are our seniors.