Assisted Living

Empower your assisted living residents to access their subscriptions effortlessly. The Nextab Senior Tablet Program enables residents to enjoy unlimited apps curated by you, along with a wide range of games, movies, video calling, and numerous other recreational options.

How Nextab Empowers Your Facility

Utilize the group notification feature to inform residents about the day’s lunch menu, celebrate birthdays, and create schedules.

Promote resident contentment and engagement through a wide range of entertainment options, including games, live television, movies, and much more.

The system is entirely yours, complete with your logo, making it your proprietary program. This empowers your marketers to introduce it to hospital residents attracting new admissions.

Our video conferencing, messaging, and photo album features enable residents to maintain meaningful connections with their families.

The call bell feature empowers residents to summon nurses, while also offering customization options to prevent potential misuse.

Your Mission

The focus around an assited living facility centers on patient care and enriching the lives of our greatest generation. They’ve given us their all, and it’s now our duty to reciprocate. While we may never fully repay their contributions, we can at least begin the effort. Nextabsenior is another means of caring for our elders.