About Us

NextabSenior is a dedicated program designed with seniors in mind, providing large tablets equipped with senior-centric software. Our mission is to bridge the digital generation gap, making it effortless for seniors to participate in the digital age. Our software is carefully developed to ensure ease of use, offering seniors a user-friendly interface that enhances their quality of life.


Complete End-to-End Encryption: Your Utmost Security Reliable and Robust Encryption for Maximum Protection


Enhanced Readability with Large Fonts, Intuitive Navigation through Clear Icons, Vibrant Colors for an Easy, Senior-Centric Experience


Unlock a World of Entertainment: Immerse in Games, TV Shows, Live TV, Movies, and a Multitude of Recreational Delights


Rest Assured, Our Unwavering Dedication to Customer Support Guarantees Your Seamless Online Connectivity 24/7, Every Single Day

Everything Included

Discover the Ultimate Convenience: With NextabSenior, You Receive Everything You Need – the Device, Software, High-Speed 5G LTE Network Plan, and Even a Complimentary Set of Headphones, chargers included. We Even Throw in a Pen! All you need to do is power it on, and You’re Instantly Connected to a World of Possibilities.

Committed to Making a Difference

“Extensive studies and empirical evidence have unequivocally demonstrated the transformative power of technology in enhancing the lives of seniors, effectively addressing issues of loneliness and depression. At NextabSenior, our paramount objective is to harness this potential for the betterment of the elderly. With a deep commitment to this cause, our visionary founders have meticulously crafted this program with families at its core, and they are passionate about sharing the profound successes and positive impact it has achieved with the entire world, ensuring that the benefits of this innovative solution reach and uplift the lives of seniors everywhere.”