Tech for Seniors

Revamp your current technology today to achieve enhanced usability with a focus on user-friendly interfaces, intuitive iconography and vibrant color schemes. Elevate the experience by introducing digital medication reminders and improving video calling and chatting capabilities.

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The Nextab Senior Program has truly transformed my life. Gone are the days of grappling with complex apps; now, I can effortlessly communicate with my husband and even connect with our neighbors through this program. My kids regularly upload photos, and what I particularly cherish is the medication reminder feature – it's been a game changer. All in all, I now feel seamlessly integrated into the world of technology.

How Nextab Empowers Your Community

Tailored for seniors, our platform features large, easily accessible elements. You can effortlessly download all your favorite apps, and they instantly become more user-friendly and efficient.

Digital Photo Frame seamlessly showcases all your cherished memories. After 2 minutes of inactivity, it transitions to display all photos from your gallery, including shared ones.

Our video conferencing, messaging, and photo album features enable residents to maintain meaningful connections with friends and family.

The Help Call feature empowers you to request assistance in the event of an emergency.

We'll come to you

Turn it into a community affair! If you and your community are interested in our program, we’ll come to you, demonstrate it, and assist you with sign-up. Ready to revolutionize your community? Contact us today!