Nextab Family App

Celebrate the bonds of love and connection with NextabSenior, an app designed to bridge the gap between seniors and their families and friends. Available on both iOS and Android, this powerful app empowers loved ones to engage and stay connected with seniors in a multitude of ways. Make calls, send heartfelt messages, share cherished memories through photo uploads, and even more.

Fostering Family Bonds

See all family app friendly features: (…and growing)

Engage in high-definition (HD) video calls with the ease of a button. With this feature, you can effortlessly connect with family and friends, no matter the physical distance that separates you. Experience crystal-clear visuals and audio quality, making your virtual conversations feel as lifelike as possible.

Chat feature empowers you to share messages and photos with loved ones, fostering and nurturing those meaningful connections. Stay engaged and in touch with the people who matter most, ensuring that your bonds remain strong through the exchange of messages and cherished moments captured in photos.

Managing your loved one’s medication is effortless with our Medication Reminder. This feature offers customized schedules, allowing you to set dosages and sending automatic notifications for each dose. It provides peace of mind to caregivers, ensuring every medication is taken on time. With this tool, you can simplify medication management and enhance your loved one’s well-being.

General Reminders feature keeps you organized and ensures you never miss special occasions like birthdays. Personalize notifications and plan events to create memorable moments with your loved one.

Easily guide and assist your loved one with their NextabSenior Tablet. Share their screen to demonstrate app usage, assist with logins, and provide real-time support. This feature enhances their independence and strengthens your connection, making technology accessible for seniors.

Stay connected with multiple contacts through the Family App. Manage and reach out to various family members, friends, and loved ones effortlessly, fostering ongoing connections. Additionally, you can add your favorites to your home screen for easy and quick access, ensuring that your most important connections are just a touch away.