Nextab Admin Portal

The NextabSenior admin portal provides institutions offering the Nextab Senior program with comprehensive control. This powerful platform enables them to send messages and updates to all seniors, manage and control apps, initiate calls, monitor device usage, and check the online status of users, among other features. It offers a robust suite of tools for seamless program management and ensuring seniors’ needs are met

How Nextab Empowers Seniors

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Program administrators can easily choose and customize the apps available on NextabSenior devices. Whether it’s from our customer app library or the Play Store, you have the flexibility to create a tailored app selection that caters to the unique interests and needs of your senior community. This feature simplifies app management, ensuring that the offerings are always up-to-date and aligned with your program’s goals

Effortlessly toggle between different user groups, each with their unique needs and intents. This streamlined capability allows for precision in user support, ensuring that administrators can effectively address the specific requirements of various user segments, whether it’s caregivers, family members, or senior users themselves. This feature is designed to enhance the overall user experience, promoting satisfaction and engagement for all parties involved, making user group management a breeze for administrators.

Streamlines user-customer interaction by displaying a list of users requesting calls to caregivers. It enables caregivers to respond efficiently by providing the option to call back via standard voice call, initiate a video call for a more personal touch, or utilize the auto-answer call function, which directly connects the senior with the caregiver.

This feature prioritizes user accessibility and ensures that caregivers can promptly address the specific needs of each user, creating a seamless and efficient communication process. It enhances the quality of care provided and offers caregivers the tools they need to respond effectively to call requests.

Chat feature empowers you to share messages and photos with loved ones, fostering and nurturing those meaningful connections. Stay engaged and in touch with the people who matter most, ensuring that your bonds remain strong through the exchange of messages and cherished moments captured in photos.

Connect with individual users for personalized interactions or broadcast important updates to groups of users. Whether it’s a one-on-one conversation to address specific needs or a mass announcement to keep everyone informed, this feature ensures efficient and tailored communication. It provides the flexibility and efficiency necessary to meet the diverse communication requirements within your community, enhancing the quality of support and information sharing

Device Logs feature offers administrators access to vital device information, simplifying device management. It includes essential details such as creation dates, user information, device status (online or offline), and unique device IDs. This comprehensive view enables efficient device oversight.

Calls feature offers a comprehensive call log that keeps track of all incoming and outgoing calls, providing valuable insights into the who, what, when, and more. With this tool, administrators can easily review call logs, including details such as caller and recipient, date, and time. This feature simplifies the process of monitoring communication and ensures that every call is accounted for.

Dashboard is the central hub for administrators, offering a comprehensive overview of all key activities and data. It provides an at-a-glance view of essential metrics, including the number of calls, device online status, operator requests, and more.